Benefits of Joining

Why should you become a member of the Black Hawk Landlords, Inc.? The better question is why aren’t you a member already? Aside from having a high-profile and easy-to-find home for your property listing, you also receive a number of other benefits to help you develop as a Landlord.  

  • Ability to list your available units on the website listings
  • Able to advertise your rental housing company on the banner advertisements 
  • Access to Sample Forms 
  • Monthly Newsletter updating you on current events and legislative issues
  • Political Impact- be part of a grassroots effort to help shape the policies surrounding your business
  • Meetings and seminars to help enhance your property management knowledge
  • Networking with other landlords at monthly dinner with an educational program.  

Why not take advantage of these benefits today? Complete a member application found on this page to join an organization committed to helping its members maximize their potential!

About Us

Black Hawk Landlords, Inc. is a professional, non-profit trade association that works to educate, inform and serve our members from around the area. There are unique challenges that accompany managing single-family and multi-family properties, and we offer the resources and expertise our members need to succeed.

Our members work together to share experiences and provide helpful advice when it comes to issues like finding good renters, understanding city and state ordinances, checking references, and more. We are committed to assisting our members in providing the highest quality properties for current and new residents in Black Hawk County.

If you are interested in joining our organization, fill out and submit the membership application.

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